Summer Skirt & Tee

Fine and Feathered Summer Denim Skirt Styling
Fine and Feathered Summer Outfit Styling

Summer is here! I know, I'm stating the obvious again. I tend to do that. It's not just that it's technically summer, but weather seems to finally be fitting with the season. After nothing but rain for months it's been refreshing to see the sun out. 



Shirt & Bag : Harlow Moon

Skirt : Gap (thrifted and cut)

Bandana : Terrain

Shoes : Target

Fine and Feathered Bandana Pony Tail Styling
Fine and Feathered Warm weather styling

The last year I've found a new appreciation for t-shirts. Or maybe I should just say an appreciation, since honestly, I've never been much of a t-shirt wearer, at least as an adult. I have been love love loving this one from Harlow & Moon, it's crazy comfy, plus - cacti! It's a win win.

Floral Romper Magic

Summer Style Floral Romper on Fine and Feathered Blog
Summer Style Floral Romper on Fine and Feathered Blog

I feel like it's been much too long since I've update the old blog here. Truth be told, I would love to do it more, but life has a way of getting slipping by, huh? No complaints though, we've been doing plenty of traveling this spring and I started a full time studio styling position a little over a month ago that I'm really enjoying.

With all of our traveling this spring I was looking for a few new things to take along and wear, but really wanted to avoid the craziness of going to the mall. So I went on an amazon shopping spree this spring to try out some new things. 

To be honest, most of it didn't work out, but I am loving this romper! I had to order a few sizes up just to get the length right for me, but the print is so good and it's actually really comfy as well. Win!

Summer Style Floral Romper on Fine and Feathered Blog

It's hard to believe the official start of summer is only 13 days away. This spring has been especially rainy so I'm really hoping the solstice brings with it plenty of sunshine and beach days. Here's to hoping! 


Outfit details

Romper : Amazon

Boots : Target

Bralette : Free People

Hat : Brixton


Summer Style Floral Romper on Fine and Feathered Blog

Easy Spring Style

Fine and Feathered - Easy Spring Style

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to meet the amazingly talented Samantha Jay. We got together and she shot some photos of me in three of my favorite spring outfits at one of my absolutely favorite places, Longwood Gardens!

Fine and Feathered - Minimalist Spring Style
Fine and Feathered - Spring Style

This is such a simple spring look, but one of my favorites. I love that it can easily go from work to out to drinks with friends without feeling too stiff or dressy, but still completely pulled together (I guess as long as you can wear jeans to work, which shouldn't we all be able to wear jeans to work by now??).

Also I'm not sure if I should apologize that almost everything came from Target? But I mean, come on, their spring stuff has been on point! Also, just to clarify, I am in no way sponsored by them, I just seriously spend way too much time in there - they're my go-to these days.

Top : Target
Jeans : Target
Bag : Madewell
Hat : Urban Outfitters
Shoes : Target

Fine and Feathered - Easy Minimalist Style

Watch out for more of my favorite minimal style spring looks coming over the next few weeks! I also am planning on sharing some big personal changes going on :)

All photos by Samantha Jay Photography

New Tricks

Fine and Feathered Blog

Lately I've been getting this itch to play around with something new. That's one of my favorite parts of having a blog, the excuse to try something new and just say "oh, I'm doing it for the blog!" even though my blogging is sporadic at best these days. I love learning new tricks. Even though teaching yourself something new can be a little frustrating at times, it's always so rewarding when you finally break through and start understanding something you couldn't even wrap your head around a few days before.

Some of you may remember I played a tiny bit with video in the past, but never did much with it. I've really been loving diving into youtube lately and learning new things, and I have just been amazed at some of the things you can do with video these days. Now that there are tons of people already doing it, I thought it would be fun to learn a little from them and play with my own videos.

I love the idea of including little videos with outfits because I always wonder how bloggers outfits really wear in real life (is that comfortable? Can she even move in that?). So here you are. My favorite go-to outfit this spring. It's one of those ones that certainly isn't groundbreaking, but I really do wear it all the time and feel great, and totally comfortable all day long in.

Jacket : F21
Tee : Madewell
Jeans : Free People
Boots : Target
Backpack : Madewell
Sunglasses : Free People

Let me know what you think! Do you like seeing outfit videos or are you just all about the pics? I am really going to try to push myself to make more videos and share both on here and on my youtube!